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Nov 2, 2020

In this episode, Mark and Curtis are stoked to have Kelly Molar of the Rookie Hunter Podcast on the show. The guys have a fireside chat about Kelly being a new Dad, how fatherhood changes hunting, and Kelly being joined by his Dad as a rookie hunter. Then the gang discusses the notion of ethics and morals in hunting, a way to resolve moral dilemmas while hunting and whether it is ethical and or moral to harvest an old nanny mountain goat. Curtis, Kelly, and Mark then weigh in on the controversial subject of words, phrases, and terminology that have become popularized in hunting and whether words are or should be a part of ethical hunting. Mark explains the root of the commonly used phrase animal down and the guys discuss their views on other words being used in hunting including kill being used as a verb and as a noun, whether a hunter’s choice of words portray a food or kill culture and what all these words could mean for the future of hunting.