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May 1, 2022

Brought to you by Community-Minded Alpine Toyota

In this episode, Curtis and Mark are joined by Romy Vaugeois. Romy is the Program Manager at the Seals and Sealing Network. Romy explains a bit about Canada’s seal species and the state of their populations. Romy describes how Canada’s seal harvesting industry works and its impact on East Coast and Indigenous culture and livelihoods. Romy describes the various products made from seals and the qualities and benefits of seals. Other topics covered include whether seal meat can be called venison, how to cook seal, why seal meat is black, pinnipeds, sea bears, sea weasels, whether a person can hunt seals, the difference in seal harvest policies between the East and West Coasts, why seals are classified as fish in Canada and the Montreal Phoque Fest.

Show Notes